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Mc Donalds Swiss weeks Switzerland & Russia

The Boy in The Fantastical Tale of the Boy on the Run
(filmed at the Battersea Arts Centre camera: Gwen Caba)


This is a nice one! by award-winning director Martin Werner.
You'll have to watch it on the Kreativt Forum site:
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2 commercials for Statoil (Oslo, Norway)


commercial for Kekkila (Finland)
Part of the Musical Detective Agency featuring Debby as the Evil and attractive Mastermind and Ventnor Fringe volunteers Mhairi, Becky and Francesca as the gorgeous backing vocals
commercial for Fonzies (Italy)
Lovely shoot for Fonzies in the mountains of Italy. Was a bit freezing at the of the day. Best cheese snacks ever, I kept eating them also in between shots.
commercial Mills (Norway)
We shot this footage at the Canary Islands 6 meters under water for periods of sometimes 20 minutes. Relying on my safety divers as I had to take off all my gear for this one.
commercial for Zweifel (Switzerland)
Eddie in Fool for Love (Netherlands)
Adaptation of Sam Shepard's 'Fool for Love' with country music. The first time ever I performed with my father. At the Vorstvrij Festival in the NWE Vorst Theatre in Tilburg.
Ram in Stormnachten (Netherlands)
A play I wrote in my final year at the Conservatoire. A boy is stuck in a forest where strange things are happening. In collaboration with video artists Mira van de Griendt and Andre Badjebeir. Music; Jarno van Es.