The Musical Detective Agency ran for a week at The Space. It is a ONE MAN Musical in TWO PARTS. It tells the story of an American Singing Detective in the 50's! This musical is packed with jazzy tunes, lots of swing and a smooth baritone voice accompanied by the invisible orchestra.

This is a bonkers, but brilliant show suitable for the whole family.”

This one-man show demonstrates Tice’s impressive vocal range and sense of humour, which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable forty-five minutes”

(Isle of Wight County press online)


Tice and silent sidekick James Willis as Doyle were side splittingly funny and truly original.”

It’s a shame that the Fringe don’t yet offer Perrier style awards because this year it would have been Tice Oakfield aka James Holland or the Flying Dutchman, who would have won one with his one man musical, charting the mystery of the missing Guinea Pig. From his first performance in the Spiritualist Church to his gala performance on Friday night (and final one on Saturday afternoon where it was standing room only with the spirits)”



The creatives of The Musical Detective Agency were: Dadiow Lin, Matt Reynolds, Teddy Percshy and Tice Oakfield
Many Thanks to: Arron Ferguson, Matt Harman, Jeremy Decoursey, Nan-Hsuan Lee and Tommy Lin


The Musical Detective Agency: A Cockfight in Mexico (ONE MAN musical)
Another case for the singing Detective James Holland. A musical tale of danger and desperation in the heat of the Mexican sun. You find out why Holland came/fled to England and why his balls are made of steel. With lots of catchy tunes, a bit of opera and an unstoppable man in his quest to solve the case of Rodrigo's missing cock in; A cockfight in Mexico.
First shows were staged in March 2014


A musical mime retelling of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Ogg' starring Sany Baki as Dorothy Gale from Kansas and Tice Oakfield as Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. (The Space)


The Fantastical Tale of the Boy on the Run
A grand show on a miniature scale. The entire show folds out of a massive book and brings to life cardboard puppets in forsts, caves, on a flying ship and many more!
(Battersea Arts Centre, Roundhouse, Ventnor Fringe Festival, Brighton Fringe, The Book Club)


The Musical Detective Agency: The mystery of the missing guinea pig
A singing detective from America enters a little english village. He embarks on a a wondrous and dangerous musical adventure as he tries to track down a guinea pig! This musical is sung and performed by only one performer!
(Ventnor Fringe)


A Time of War
Scenes from Dogs of War, a play with music based on the Iliad. (Roundhouse)


Scenes from the Iliad
Scratch performance of Dogs of War, a play with music based on the Iliad. (Battersea Arts Centre)


  Men of Kryptonite   Me and my Leprechaun (comedy show about a politician who has an evil Leprechaun living in his head)  
  THE ASTONISHING SINGING FISH text and music by Tice Oakfield

Past version collaborators and devisers: Annemiek van Elst, Laureen Peskens and Georgia Murphy. Past version devised by Leo Elso & Tice Oakfield. Many thanks to Hanna Winter, Sepy Baghaei, Ghislaine Vedel, Edward Justham and Edward Young. Orchestration by John Holland