The work of FLYING DUTCHMAN is characterised by its fairytale-like quality. We are bringing back the sacredness into the theatre, creating a sense of a higher power by the use of rituals and the trickery of magic. We push performers to a limit that raises the stakes on stage and that makes the shows into an exciting live theatre experience. The shows are 'multilingual' in its art forms: using a mixture of puppetry, music, physical theatre and new writing.
We divide our theatre in BIG and tiny:
BIG THEATRE - Big productions with lots of practitioners from different backgrounds. Graduate students and professionals working and performing together to tell stories, mostly classical stories, myths or fairy tales in a contemporary ‘jacket’.
TINY THEATRE - small shows that easily fit into a festival program. A limited amount of players, with a minimum of set requirements. Tiny fairy tales and crazy little journeys through a wondrous world.
The name FLYING DUTCHMAN is derived from the classic Myth about a Dutch vessel that got lost at the coast of South Africa and appeared as a ghost ship, bound to sail the oceans till doomsday. The myth was long kept alive by sailors who had seen the ghost ship. Science calls these sailors liars. We don't.

FLYING DUTCHMAN is an ensemble based theatre collective. We formed the company to make new theatre that is inspired by curiosity and the ambition to excite and surprise the audience. We aspire to create a fertile environment in which company members are continuously challenged to develop and grow.

Combining the virtues of different art forms
Creating a sense of community and sharing by bringing sacredness back into the theatre